3 Week Plan – Stop Smoking and Start Vaping

The Best Way to Stop Smoking without Craving Cigarettes

I am going to assume that the reason you are reading this is that you have tried all the traditional methods to stop smoking without success. The gum, the patches, cold turkey the lot! I will also guess that you have spent quite a few years trying and failing. You are not alone. Smoking cigarettes is a seriously addictive thing to do and many people never manage to quit. People you know have managed to stop smoking and start vaping so now is the time to join them.

ecigdiscoutshop-vaping saves livesDon’t worry though. Quitting smoking using an E-cig  is really easy AND the three week stop smoking plan I am going to lay out for you will help you become smoke free and start breathing easier and smelling good again.

WEEK ONE of Stop Smoking and Start Vaping (Keep your cigarettes handy because you will still be smoking them this week)

First you are going to need to get yourself a device to start vaping with. There are a multitude of choices both on this site and many others you will find around the web and in high street vaping stores.. You are also going to need some Ejuice to vape with.

A great place to buy your vaping device is on Amazon because you can read dozens and sometimes hundreds of reviews from verified purchasers. Look at those we have listed in another article HERE. These are our top picks for new vapers and you won’t go wrong with any of them.

IMPORTANT: Stay away from disposable vaping devices that look like cigarettes and stay away from cheap plastic looking vaping pens. THESE NEVER REFLECT THE TRUE VAPING EXPERIENCE and might even serve to put you off at an early stage. They often mute the true flavour of the Ejuice and some even give you an unpleasant burnt plastic taste.

Choosing a Suitable E-Juice

You will also want to get some Ejuice. Think about flavours you enjoy when eating and drinking. See what you can find that might give you the same enjoyment. How about coffee and cream or chocca mocha? Perhaps you like raspberry cheesecake or mint flavours. Buy a few different flavours to experiment with. One of the main keys to successfully stop-smoking-and start-vaping-ejuicecoming across to vaping is to enjoy the flavour. Unfortunately you can only get zero nicotine juice on Amazon but there is a link top right of this page that will take you to a great online store with a huge range of ejuice at really good prices.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT go straight for low nicotine level Ejuice.  Check out our article HERE for further advice on nicotine levels. You are going to wean yourself off the smoking habit but at the same time keep your nicotine levels up. Same theory as with patches or gum but this time vaping will retain a similar experience to smoking. Buy Ejuice with a strength of at least 18mg and even go to 24mg if you can find it.

Plan for Week 1


  1. Continue to smoke when you need to
  2. Buy your vaping device and some high nicotine ejuice
  3. Use the manuals and Youtube videos to set your device up and learn the component parts
  4. Start vaping and experimenting with flavours and device setup. You are looking to find a flavour you enjoy and device setting that is similar to the smoking experience (but better)

WEEK TWO of Stop Smoking and Start Vaping (Keep your cigarettes handy because you will still be smoking them this week)

Okay so how are you doing? Do you even need week 2? Many people have picked up a vaping device and from that point on never touched a cigarette again. If this is happened to you then you are lucky. Many of us need to persevere just a little bit longer.

Week 2 is all about starting to eat into that smoking habit and knock it back a little. By the end of this week we are aiming to have cut our cigarette smoking down by half.

So how is this going to happen? Hopefully by now you are using and enjoying your vaping device. If you are not then we need to push you back to week one. You need to ask yourself what it is that you are not enjoying and try to put that right. Most often it will be the flavour. Keep experimenting with flavours until you find something that you really enjoy. Often you get a choice of 10ml bottles or 30ml. Just keep buying the smaller bottles until you get something that you enjoy vaping. For me it was the coffee based flavours that did the trick.

So let`s get on with the business of cutting back the smoking. You need to think very carefully about this and start to work out some no smoking areas. Here are some suggestions.

 Smoking Reduction Tips

  • Make the car a vaping only area
  • Make the kitchen a vaping only area
  • Designate the whole house a vaping only area and train yourself to go outside if you want a cigarette. stop-smoking-and-start-vaping

Another method to halve your smoking is the alternating method. Have a cigarette when you most need one. For example after a meal or with your morning coffee. But then make sure that the next time you crave nicotine – you pick up your ecig rather than a cigarette. When you do this, treat your vape session just like smoking a cigarette. Sit down and puff on your ecig for a few minutes. Get that nicotine into your system.

Be strict and put some will power into this. From day 1 of week 2 – halve your cigarette smoking. 20 a day smokers get down to 10 and so on. If you are enjoying vaping you will find this surprisingly easy to do.

IMPORTANT: You have found an ejuice you like and are using a strong nicotine level but you still seem to be craving cigarettes. Why? … The simple answer to this is that in addition to the 7000 cancer causing chemicals in cigarettes, the tobacco companies have also added chemicals that increase their addictiveness. It is THESE chemicals that you are craving. The good news is that these are so much easier to get over than the nicotine and it only takes a week or two.

 Plan for Week 2


  1. Continue to smoke when you need to
  2. Iron out any difficulties (like flavour) that are stopping your vaping pleasure
  3. Fine tune the settings on your vaping device to deliver a similar hit to smoking
  4. Work out the way that suits you to halve your daily smoking by day the end of the week

WEEK THREE of Stop Smoking and Start Vaping (Keep your cigarettes handy because you will still be smoking them this week)

Okay so how are you doing? Do you even need week 3? Many more of you will have realised that having taken to vaping, you no longer need the cigarettes. You notice that the title advises you to keep your cigarettes handy? Well although true to a certain extent, this is the week that we set our stop day.The smoking is down to half and you are feeling a bit better already. So for week 3 let’s push it back a bit more.

This week let’s identify those “must have” cigarettes to a max of 3. Perhaps it is the after-meal ciggie that is the problem. Allow yourself 3 cigarettes for must have moments and vape for the rest of the day. When you feel that nicotine niggle coming on – vape it away! You are probably finding that vaping is tasting good whereas smoking is tasting awful.

You should be feeling comfortable about setting that stop day – so why not do it? Tell your friends and family and feel happy about it. Smoke your last cigarette the night before your stop day then get some sleep. When you wake up you will already be at least 8 hours away from your last cigarette. When the craving for nicotine hits you – just sit down quietly and vape your nicotine levels up. We reckon that about 15 puffs on your E-cig is the equivalent of one cigarette.  After all – you are free of almost 7000 other chemicals contained in cigarettes!

Plan for Week 3


  1. Identify 3 key cigarettes. Cut back to them and vape in between
  2. Set your stop smoking day
  3. Tell your friends and family
  4. Stop smoking and start vaping
  5. A week of vaping will cost around 75% less than smoking. Put this money away every day and treat yourself at the end of the week. (Have a nice relaxing massage perhaps!)
  6. Start using your new lung capacity to get some exercise – walk the dog, go for a swim, do something!

 What Happens When You Stop Smoking – The First 24 Hours

  • The benefits of stopping smoking begin within 20 minutes.  Your heart rate will begin dropping to normal levels.
  • Within two hours of not smoking, your heart rate and blood pressure will have returned to almost normal levels.
  • After only 12 hours of not smoking , your blood oxygen levels are near normal
  • After 24 hours your risk of heart attack begins to decrease.

What Happens When You Stop Smoking – For 15 Years ecig discount store uk smoke quit

  • After 12 hours 
    Carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal.
  • 2 Weeks to 3 Months 
    Your heart attack risk begins to drop.
    Your lung function begins to improve.
  • 1 to 9 Months 
    Your coughing and shortness of breath diminish.
  • 1 Year After Quitting
    Your added risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a smoker’s.
  • 5 Years After Quitting
    Your stroke risk is reduced to that of a nonsmoker’s 5-15 years after quitting.
  • 10 Years After Quitting
    Your lung cancer risk is about half that of a smoker’s.
    Your risk of cancers of the mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder, kidney, and pancreas decreases.
  • 15 Years After Quitting
    Your risk of coronary heart disease the same as that of that of a nonsmoker’s.

Find some evidence for the positive health aspects of vaping in another article here

IMPORTANT: Our next article will advise you how to get comfortable with reducing the nicotine levels in your Ejuice. But for now – stick with what you are doing for a few months. Reducing nicotine too quickly is a sure route back to smoking.


You really can quit smoking with electronic cigarettes!



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